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One Richmond Row Walking Score Guide is a website that ranks your address in walkability, transit score, and bike score. London Ontario's overall walking score is 39, its transit score is 45, and its bike score is 53. A score like that classifies London as a car-dependent city. Some areas of the forest city do come in with a higher score. It all depends on where you live!

For example, if we look at the downtown core of the Old Oaks building, the One Richmond Row Apartment. This Apartments score is a representation of a car free lifestyle. It allows you to drive less and walk to shops, restaurants, and social events that are often closer to this area. The walking score at this apartment complex is an amazing 88—that's the same as the overall walkability score for New York City! This level of walkability is due to the convenience of doing many errands on foot. Via Rail is easily accessible, with a handful of choices of local Transit. You'll also find the apartment close to Victoria Park, Harris Park, and many local restaurants. There's a variety of fun options, and luckily, they're nearby. Surrounding establishments provide a great chance to spend time with loved ones, have fun, and have a much healthier lifestyle.

Below is a breakdown of restaurants, bus routes, and things to do in the area for residents at One Richmond Row Apartment London Ontario. Rent your one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment today!


Stobie's Pizza

95 Meters – 1 Minute Walk

Stobie's Pizza is a family-owned and operated business that has been proudly serving the London, Ontario area since 1997. Stobie's Pizza has a unique way of delivering its product to customers - they deliver it fresh! They think about what their customers want and make sure it is delivered at home or work fresh, so customers don't have to fret about eating something old. They can cater to their customers with freshly-made meals made from scratch. To deliver a perfect quality product, they must use high-quality ingredients like mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic, olive oil, etc. Located at 484 Richmond Street, it is just a block away from The One Richmond Row Apartment in London, Ontario.

The Tasting Room

97 Meters - 1 Minute Walk

The Tasting Room is a cozy restaurant in London that provides an upscale take on casual cuisine. The food here is delicious and the drinks are fantastic! It is one of the most loved restaurants in downtown London. Just a few doors down from The One Richmond Row in the heart of London. The Tasting Room offers a variety of dishes and drinks to suit all tastes and budgets. They have an extensive wine list of wines available by glass or bottle. The tasting room also has an impressive selection of craft beers and cocktails. The menu is a veritable hit parade of current trends and updated classics. While someone is searching for a light but flavorful meal, they can find something to suit their tastes on the menu. This restaurant in London also offers a light but filling lunch menu.

Restaurants near One Richmond RowGarlic's of London

110 Meters - 2 Minute Walk

Garlic's of London has been in business for over 25 years and is popular among the community. The restaurant first opened its doors in 1992 with the intent to spotlight garlic as an integral ingredient that enhances many dishes and dishes up an unforgettable experience for its customers. The menu is excellent and proudly reflects the quality ingredients they source from Canadian farmers. Garlic's is the perfect place to experience some delicious food. Whether you are looking for a new restaurant, celebrating a birthday, or just feeling like eating out - this restaurant has plenty of options. The ever-evolving, chef-driven kitchen has been home and training ground to many luminaries in the Canadian food scene.

The Church Key

120 Meters - 2 Minute Walk

The Church Key is an old heritage building that they renovated to create a modern pub with an extensive menu. The Church Key's interior features exposed brick walls, dark wood, and large windows. The exterior of the building features a large patio with plenty of seating. The Chef, Michael Anglestad, has over 20 years of experience in fine dining and uses seasonal, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The Church Key is one of the best restaurants in London and has been serving the city for over 12 years.


130 Meters - 2 Minute Walk

Jacks Bar is a premiere party destination in London Ontario. It is a place where you can enjoy the best drinks, food, and music. Jacks Bar has been around for a while and has been hosting events since it opened its doors. It is only 2 minutes away from The One Richmond Row apartment in London Ontario.

Villa Cornelia

270 Meters - 3 Minute Walk

Villa Cornelia is a restaurant that offers a blend of taste and tradition. They offer innovative dishes that change weekly, while also having timeless decor. Villa Cornelia is a famous mansion in London, Ontario with a history of being appointed as a National Historic Site of Canada. It was built in 1892 by Alfred M. Smart, a prominent businessman. The Villa Cornelia London Ontario is a spectacular venue from which to experience all the delights of Victorian architecture, fine continental cuisine

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Los Lobos

550 Meters - 7 Minute Walk

Los Lobos is a family-style modern Mexican restaurant found in downtown London Ontario. It has a wide variety of dishes that everyone in your family will enjoy. The menu offers traditional and a modern take on Mexican food that includes everything from tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and more! Los Lobos is your destination for delicious food, drinks, and live music on the patio!

Boxcar Donuts

130 Meters - 2 Minute Walk

Boxcar Donuts is a small bakery in London Ontario that uses natural extracts and natural colourings to create their unique flavour profiles. They strive for the perfect flavour profile by using either fresh fruit, natural colourings, or natural extracts in their glazes. They have seen the business grow from a small donut shop to a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

David’s Bistro

300 Meters - 4 Minute Walk

David’s Bistro is a restaurant in London, Ontario that offers a prix fixe menu, regular menu, and daily features. The restaurant is constantly changing its food selection to provide the best quality, and variety, for its customers. They offer a wide range of dishes from Canadian cuisine to Mediterranean cuisine. David’s Bistro is one of the most popular restaurants in London. It has been rated 4+ stars on Yelp and 4+ stars on Google Reviews.

Toboggan Brewing Company

450 Meters - 6 Minute Walk

Toboggan Brewing Company is a London Ontario based company that offers a wide variety of beer and other drinks. They are famous for their beers that are brewed with natural ingredients, and they have a wide variety of flavors, from light to dark. The brewery is dedicated to using local ingredients grown and raised in southwestern Ontario. They are committed to supporting the community. They even helped the restoration of the Holy Roller by creating a custom beer still available at the LCBO today!

Roli Poli Ice Cream Co.

100 meters - 2 Minute Walk

In May 2017, Roli Poli Ice Cream Co. opened in London, Ontario, and became the city's first rolled ice cream shop. Rolled Ice cream uses less sugar than typical Ice cream. The cream is poured onto a metal slab frozen and scrapped into rolls. The company created a unique product that is made from fresh ingredients and locally sourced products.

Dimis Greek House

180 Meters - 2 Minute Walk

Dimis Greek House is a restaurant in London, Ontario that serves authentic Greek food. The restaurant has been serving up traditional dishes like spanakopita, saganaki, and calamari. They have a lot of loyal customers who come back every week to enjoy their food and atmosphere.

Fellini Koolini's

400 Meters - 5 Minute Walk

Fellini Koolini's is a family-owned restaurant that's been serving the community for over 30 years. The menu has kept its Italian roots but added other Mediterranean foods. Fellini’s offers a variety of dishes from pizza, pasta, salads, and more.

One Richmond Row London Ontario Apartment View from the topBus Routes

04 Route 4 0.0 km

This bus route is for students or shoppers or both. Driving right by Richmond One Fanshawe students can jump on. If you feel like going shopping in the South end at White Oaks, this is the bus you will want to take!

13 Route 13 0.0 km

This is the ultimate shopper's dream bus. Going to not only one mall but 2 of the largest malls in London. The northbound 13 will take you up to Masonville. If you’re a western student, this will also be a great option. The southbound takes you down to White oaks mall.

06 Route 6 0.0 km

This bus is great for all future Doctors who want to make sure they're accessible throughout their care. This bus can take them from One Richmond Row to the University Hospital.

15 Route 15 0.0 km

The route takes you to Westmount Mall, which is a great location to catch a movie! With a theater right next to it, you can enjoy your food at the Cineplex VIP while seeing your favorite film.

05 Route 5 0.2 km

This bus service will deliver you from the heart of the city to Argyle Mall, which is a popular area for shopping for all things. There are also plenty of restaurants and stores to explore as well! Walmart, Canadian Tire, Staples, Toys R Us, and much more!

02 Route 2 0.2 km

If you're a Western student, the bus route to your school is great. This bus will take you straight to The Natural Science Centre.

20 Route 20 0.2 km

This bus is a perfect east to west and back bus line. It will take you to Fanshawe college and the Beaverbrook community.

12 Route 12 0.2 km

This route runs through the area around Wonderland and Wharncliffe, so any workers near that area would probably appreciate it.

Things to do

One Richmond Row Apartment Near Victoria Park View from 18th floorVictoria Park

260 Meters - 3 Minute Walk

Victoria Park has a long history with the city, and many different attractions to enjoy and explore. This summer there are many popular festivals & concerts in the park making it very attractive for visitors. In the winter you can visit Santa and go Skating! It's great to visit Victoria Park, but it's even more rewarding if you live nearby! One Richmond Row has apartments for rent just 3 mins away from Victoria Park.

Centennial Hall

550 Meters - 7 Minute Walk

Centennial Hall London Ontario is the perfect venue for any event. This Hall has a casual but welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff dedicated to making every event a success. The Centennial Hall is a versatile venue that can accommodate 2200 people for general admission or 1625 seated patrons.

Grand Theatre

130 Meters - 2 Minute Walk

The Grand Theatre is one of the most famous theatres in London Ontario and has been hosting performances since it opened its doors on December 27th, 1901. The Grand Theatre is a venue that hosts many different types of events, concerts, plays, musicals, comedy shows, and more. The Spriet Stage is one of Canada's most beautiful theatre venues and has been renamed because of the historic donation from Helen and Andy Spriet.

Budweiser Gardens

600 Meters - 8 Minute Walk

The Budweiser Gardens is a multi-purpose arena in London, Ontario. It's home to the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League and the London Lightning of the National Basketball League of Canada. Budweiser Gardens opened in 2002 and has since hosted both hockey and basketball games, as well as concerts and other events. Justin Bieber, Jay Z, Metallica, and The Tragically Hip have all performed in this arena over the past decade.


David E White

Part of the Apartment, One on Richmond Row

David E White is a men's fashion store that offers a barber. The store is in the same building as The One Richmond Row Apartment in London Ontario. David E White has been around for over 42 years and has been supplying quality clothing and services to London residents since then.

Covent Garden Market 8 min 550m

550 Meters - 8 Minute Walk

The Covent Garden Market is a 7-day-a-week market found in Downtown London, Ontario. It offers an abundance of food, services, and entertainment for the whole family.

The Market is a great place to go for lunch or dinner with friends and family. It has a variety of restaurants that offer everything from traditional Canadian cuisine to international cuisines. The Market also has many shops that offer clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and more!

The Covent Garden Market in London Ontario is a unique market that offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, restaurants, and more. It is in the heart of downtown London.

The market has been around since 1845 and has been serving London with a smile ever since. They offer over 50 unique merchants and services, including restaurants, cafes, boutiques, spas, salons, and more!

One Richmond Row near Citi Plaza Downtown London ApartmentCiti Plaza

800 Meters - 11 Minute Walk

Citi Plaza is a shopping center in downtown London, Ontario. It is conveniently found in the heart of the city and offers a unique mix of office and consumer shopping.

Citi Plaza has a lot of cool stuff to offer, like a Bulk barrel, dollar store, and food court another draw is that there is a movie theater inside which shows the latest releases. This area also houses the Good Life Gym which is perfect for those fitness enthusiasts. The Citi Plaza also has a large, 2-level public library.

Talbot Centre 3 min 210m

210 Meters - 3 Minute Walk

The Talbot Centre shopping center is a mall in London, Ontario. It has banking, dry cleaning, gift shops, convenience stores, and more. The food court has a lot of choices ranging from Lebanese Food, Sushi, Italian Eatery, and a café at great prices!


Downtown London has so much potential for anyone looking for a car free lifestyle. With a walking score of 88 One Richmond Row offers you the ability to live that way.

One Richmond Row is a luxury apartment rental building in London Ontario. It is in the heart of the city and offers a range of amenities.

The building offers a variety of floor plans, including one-bedroom units, and two-bedroom units. It also has a private dog terrace with views of downtown London.